Mynt Team

The most important part about getting a service is to be educated and have the right communication skills on both sides.  Many people like to plan ahead which is great.  We have all the information here for you to better educate yourself about the beauty life style and what the individual stylist can offer you at Mynt.  Finding the right person to cater to your needs is what we would like to help you with.  Every cosmetologist has been educated and gone through different training, so here is some brief information about our stylist and their history so you can find the person that can service you best.


My-Hanh (owner)  






My- Hanh was Born in Vietnam, raised in Washington. She is a Wife. Mother.

Business Owner.  Entrepeneur.

Whenever possible, might sing while she’s doing your hair, watch out!! Always
reading up on what’s “in”. Can juggle. Ride a Unicycle. Do a
backflip!  Loves positive people!

My-Hanh has been doing hair since 2002. She specializes in color, ombre
highlights, balayage, men’s haircuts, fades, razor cuts, and “in” hairstyles. She also has been doing eye lash extension for 8 years.

Mynt Salon was opened in 2009. Throughout My-Hanh’s 10 years in the industry, she could not find the perfect workplace so she decided to create it.   She has both salon and barbershop experience so Mynt Salon is the first to intertwine those 2 together. What can you expect at Mynt Salon?  Diversity: Racially, intellectually, musically(but mostly r&b), and a very laid back yet fun environment.  You will feel important when you walk in and even better when you walk out.







Antowan is a highly talented Master Barber who is all about creating the best look for his clients. He is very skillful and detailed when it comes to his clipper cuts, you name it he can bring it! Crisp line ups, designs, tapers, fades shear cuts, razor work, razor shaves just to name a few. Antowan is the total package when it comes to men’s grooming. Watch out ladies this man is a fast learner on women’s hairstyles as well. Keeping clients “Crispy” as he likes to call it his moto. He is A Big Handsome Man with a big heart when it comes to making people feel welcome and comfortable in receiving their services no matter where you are in the salon, he may check on you to make sure you are enjoying your MYNT experience.


Trinh (Nail Tech) 






Trinh was born in Vietnam and came here when she was 7 years old. She  likes to hangout with friends during her free time and go to parties. She also enjoy doing outdoor activities.  She loves what she does because she thinks it’s a fun accessory to have up kept nails.  It’s fun to change colors and try something new every time.